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Time for a "new" piano? 

Shopping for your first piano? Time for an upgrade from your childhood piano? Finding a piano that is appropriate for your needs can be a daunting process. There are many things to consider between cost, size, and brand. If you are shopping on a budget, buying second hand is a great option, however, it is a bit riskier than buying from a dealership. Pianos on the used market can have problems that only a technician can spot. Some brands are more prone to long-term problems than others. After many sad situations in which I have to deliver the news that the "new" piano is damaged beyond repair, I have developed the "Find My Piano" newsletter service. Twice a month, I send out a newsletter to piano shoppers with links to pianos that are well-priced, reliable brands. This pre-screening can save you hours of searching online through an array of confusing prices and promises. A $10 a month subscription gets you bi-weekly emails full of potential pianos and unlimited expert opinion. Visit the Contact page to sign up for this service.   

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